Saturday, June 25, 2011

Twitter: Analyse the Stats of a # Hashtag

This is a great use of Twitter in education. This web tool allows you to type in any #hashtag and receive a bundle of stats of the tweets that used the tag. This is excellent for collecting information around a specific topic or issue. Your students can see the top words, top url's that are feeding the tweets and even which users are using the tag the most. Click on any of the boxes and a detailed pop-up appears with a comprehsive break down of all the statistics for that category - very cool!

Wouldn't it be interesting to see if any of these users had agendas or even a political bias around the issue.

These stats would also be good to use in conjunction with a study of issues from traditional media sources.

Who gets the scoop first?
Who has the bigger reach?
Who generates the most traffic?

The added bonus is that it also shows you all the most recent tweet traffic below the stats. Not only is this a great tool but it is beautifully presented as an inforgraphic. The information is easily read, deciphered and therefore understood by your students. Have a play with your faviourite #hashtags.


  1. This is exactly what I was looking for to compare two hashtags, but its top links page could use some improvement. I'd like to actually be able to click on the top links to see what they link to.

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  3. thanks for these diagrams! I see, people use twitter a lot! post can explain you the meaning of the word 'hashtag' and where its routes go from!


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