Saturday, December 11, 2010

Free Rice

I have posted about this on another blog but I really like the idea of students discussing people less fortunate then themselves and how even doing something as mundane as learning your times tables can contribute to a better live for another boy or girl their own age.

I like it because as an Art Teacher it has a lovely section on Famous Artworks. I use it as a reward for students who complete tasks early or if we have had a disrupted lesson. You know those times you get back from assembly and only have 10 minutes til the end of the lesson. I make it into a competition. Who is the first to 200 grains of rice etc. 

Boys love this because there is instant feedback and simply because they see it as a competition - they forget that they happen to be learning at the same time. I don't care because for me it tick all the right boxes both morally and from an educational point of view.


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