Sunday, December 12, 2010


WeSeed is a free virtual stock market game aimed at teaching people about the stock market. It allows students to virtually invest in real stocks. You get to maintain a virtual portfolio, complete virtual trades and feel like you actually on the stock exchange.

WeSeed also has a social networking function so your students can discuss stock options, choices or opinions about particular companies and whether to invest in them or not.

This would be a great game to teach these complex concepts in Business Studies, Commerce or in an Economics class. You could make it into a Stock Market Competition or even an assessment task. Link it back to a wiki or blog and have your students reflect on their choices and stock buys, how these investments developed over the long term and what factors influenced the market that they had no control over. This could be the basis for a whole unit of work or an activity that runs parallel to your current curriculum. It could also just as easily be run as a extra curricula class or club.

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