Friday, March 18, 2011

10 Fantastic Creative Video Applications

A great on line list by Aline Ohannessian at Artwave highlighting some fantastic online FREE video tools. The tools listed all give you the ability to create, edit, publish, and share your very own professional video making. 

1. Flixtime - Video Slideshow made easy

2. EmbedPlus - Real Time Reactions

3. CaptionTube - Be seen, be heard, be read

4. Jaycut - Your free online video editor

5. Pixorial - Video sharing service

6. Slideshow - Ultimate mashup slideshow

7. StupeFlix Studio - Video Production made easy

8. TunePrompter - Create your own Karaoke Videos

9. VP Factory - Online Video Platform

10. VReveal - Fix your shaky videos - for free

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