Saturday, March 26, 2011

Interactive Books

I first saw this over at ilearntechnology by Kelly Tenkley. This is an interesting book that has had sound and video added to the conventional e-book. The best thing about a publication like this is that it opens people eyes up to the very real possibilities. This is still a simple e-book but it has started to add interactivity to the way it delivers information. This will be excellent for younger students who struggle to read, or are still learning to read, but it is just as promising for any teacher who wants to customise a text for their students.

This is very possible for anyone to do using Pages on a Mac. We could all start to produce e-books like this with cool sound effects that add to the mood of the story or text that is read allowed when a different character enters the room, or even sections of video to explain a concept or to illustrate a skill. It is as easy as dropping this media into a Pages document - many teachers are already using this technology within their classrooms. 

Have a look at a site like issuu. This is a textbook and a site that I have posted about before but is worth mentioning again in this context. Create your text, save as a PDF and upload to the site. Easy as ABC.

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