Sunday, July 3, 2011

Great New Google Tool: What Do You Love

This is not a complicated tool. It is a simple format that locates resources from a number of google sites and put them all in one place. It is however beautifully simple and beautifully simple to use.

It is this simplicity that makes it so usable from the students point of view. This will be a great tool for research assignments or even projects. You type in the term or name you would like to search and the WDYL tool locates information about the search term in the following categories;

It then present the information in a series of links on the page. This is not the only tool that your students will need to complete a research task but it is a good start to model the type of information you might looks for and the variety of tools one might use. Have a look I thought it was a nice little idea to use as a starter when introducing a new topic.

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