Monday, July 4, 2011

Tildee: Online Tutorial Tool

Tildee is a Web 2 tool that easily allows you to create online tutorials. The best thing about this tool is the way that you can present the screen images or any image with the instructions. This is exactly how you would set out a worksheet for your students. I just like the way this is designed - simple yet effective.

Not only will I find this tool really handy for Staff Professinal Development but I can't wait to make some of these for my Art classes. This is especially true for PhotoShop and Pixlr Tutorials but also with a series about Self-Portraits coupled with some photos documenting the process for the students. The beauty of this is that the students can re-visit the tutorial whenever they need to without feeling as if they are asking the same questions over and over. They can re-read the instructions at their own pace. They have access to the tutorials 24/7.

I also want to get my students to use this as a way of instructing their peers. What better way of illustrating their own understanding of a task or procedure than to get them to teach it to others. This would be a great task to conclude a unit of work with or even to extend your more motivated students. The possibilities are endless.

I know you could do this in Word or Pages and get the students to download the document but I like the fact that we can share these resources. I like the fact that other people can comment on the tutorials made by your students. Whenever we have uploaded our publications to Issuu or Scribd the students get a real kick out of the positive comments that other people always leave.

Lets me show you what I mean. This is a sample tutorial created by matterandrew. See what you think!
How could you use this in your classroom?

And it continues.......see full tutorial at

or visit the Website at


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