Thursday, November 24, 2011

Catchfree: Compare and Find the Best Web Tools Solutions

This is a very cool website. It asks you what type of tool you are looking for and then present you with five options. These are ranked in user popularity. What I like about this tool is the options. Often someone recommends a Web Tool to me and I find it clumsy or hard to use. The beauty of this website is that I have 4 other options on offer. Surely I can find one that suits the way I work or the way my students learn.

The image above is from the home page. This is sort of cool too because there are tasks here I do everyday day and alway use the same tools for. I am going to make an effort to investigate some of these other tools - if not for me than at least as another option for my students.

 Just check out the options available. This is a very useful tool to add to your arsenal.

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