Saturday, November 26, 2011

Education Eye

Education Eye allows the user to discover, explore and share new ideas. It maps hundreds of top educational websites, blogs, forums and case studies to provide up to date information about innovative ideas being explored in the education community. The information is then present in a visual format that is itself interactive. Type in your search term and let it find the relevant articles, websites or links. This is a innovative tool from Futurelab and well worth a visit.

How Education Eye works
As an internet and social network mapper, the Eye collects and indexes content from hundreds of websites, blogs, news sites and others. It gives you fast search results to find content relevant to education. We've trained it to filter masses of content to find the stuff that is relevant (so you don't have to). We then index it really cleverly. We contextualise the results and map links between articles to help you discover innovations that you also might be interested in. We check social networks like Delicious and Twitter to see what people are saying about these items to help reinforce how they are indexed, and we even cross-reference every article against each other to help provide context and make sure you find the best quality and relevance. It's complicated, it's really robust and it's doing a lot in the background, but the end result is simple and hopefully really useful.


  1. This is another innovation that provides a search engine tool by using the principle of mind mapping. It links its users to current updates from vast sources of information in the web and to collaborative ideas from other users as well. What’s more fantastic is, aside from mapping links to search for useful and more technical data, it also branches out to social networking sites in which people would be more inclined and interested to use. Besides, we are all made up of sociable beings… So the collaboration of the concept of mind mapping with social networking is indeed a terrific idea!

    Alexandra Gale

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