Saturday, September 18, 2010


One of the initiatives that has been put in place at our school is the MacMasters. This group are a bunch of Yr 9 students who were identified as students who had shown a knack for the laptops or were tech savvy. Some students were nominated, some were invited to be part of the group. They now meet once a week with our e-Learning co-ordinator to be skilled up. The idea is that these students will become the experts for both staff and students. If a teacher would like to instigate a task that utilises computer technology or a Web 2.0 tool, one of the MacMaster students works with them as tech support. They will also be asked to contribute to our growing library of Jing instructional videos. on top of this they will contribute an article to online e-zine "A byte of the Apple". There is a social kudos that these kids have received at our school. Some that originally declined the offer have come back to request a place on the program.

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