Saturday, September 18, 2010

Use of a Class Wiki

I love to set up class wikis. Before they started to charge, we used to use Ning. Will have to find another one that offers the same features and flexiblility. For an art class wikis are good for uploading photographs of your works. These can be commented on by other people in the class, or even rated as part of peer assessment. It does not take long to create a safe atmosphere for this to happen. I also like to make an "Artwork of the Week" to showcase some excellent work or a innovative technique. Each of the students can have there own home page to personalise.

This can become part of a digital portfolio as the students can document;
  • what media they used
  • what were their intentions 
  • what e-tools did they use - if any at all
  • what was their audience reaction
  • what were they really happy with
  • what would they do differently next time

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