Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Spore Creature Creator

Spore is a trial application that allows you to construct creatures from scratch. These are adorable alien beings that can be totally customised. Once you have created your creature you can then paint them and give them a name. Then a test drive is in order - where you can see it feeling happy, dance a jig or even stomp in anger. The graphics in this application are extremely good. The ability for kids to alter their creatures is phenomenal. When you are finished playing, you can then see what it's babies would look like and then play all over again with a chorus line of performers. Good luck getting out of this once you are in.

This would be ideal for creative writing. Your students could design then construct a Spore and use it to create a narrative. The physical descriptions would be amazing. Spore would be ideal for Visual Arts, especially for a clay unit on fantasy creatures. Spore would allow you to design it before you made it.  Spore would also be fun to use in Science when discussing Darwin's theories on survival of the fittest.

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