Sunday, October 24, 2010


Webspiration is a free Web 2 tool that allows you to create online mind maps. These mind maps are easy to use in groups and the tool also has a chat function that allows students to remotely discuss aspects of the mind map before committing themselves online.

The other really interesting function is the Outline View. Once you have developed your mind map you can create an outline for a piece of writing with the simple click of a button. This is what puts this tool a level above many other online mind mapping tools.

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  1. Hi Greg,

    Thanks for mentioning Webspiration! We're excited about our fast approaching launch of Webspiration Classroom! To view more go to

    The ability to move from Diagram View to Outline View with one click truly does set this program apart, like you said.

    What's more, is that its collaborative features allow you to co-create, co-edit, share and communicate with others on the same document. In classes, this will improve the teacher and student work flow.

    Personally, I also love the fact that I can log into Webspiration at work, at home and truly anywhere and anytime I have a computer and an Internet connection. This will help teachers reach learning beyond the classroom and for students to take their assignments home at the end of the day.

    You may be interested in reading our blog, which will reinforce many of the advantages visual learning and cloud computing programs like Webspiration Classroom. To view our blog, go to

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    Thanks for your feedback!

    Sarah Cargill, Inspiration Software


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