Thursday, October 21, 2010

ULearn 2010

Ulearn Conference -
Christchurch New Zealand 7th to the 10th Oct

ULearn is an event organised with a focus on "leading learning and teaching in the 21st century". This event was an excellent opportunity to be inspired, to network, to collaborate and to share with colleagues from around the world, including teachers and presenters from Australia, the UK, Canada, Singapore, Hong Kong and the Cook Islands. A group of 22 people from Sydney CEO attended the conference. These included both primary and secondary teachers, Principals, APs, E-Learning Co-ordinators and teachers.

The days were organised so that they started and finished with Keynote Speakers. Many of these were very polished presenters and encouraged their audience not to just get caught up in the enthusiastic push with technology but to temper their actions so that the changes that they implement are actually based in sound pedagogy. 

Having said this, many people spoke about the need to incorporate the use of socially relevant technology used by the students. Presenters spoke about how people were having success using Facebook, Mobile Phones, Twitter and Mobile Touch Devices. Some of the more relevant speakers included;

Professor Stephen Heppell -
As part of your own professional development it might be worthwhile having a look at some of these websites. Many of these speakers also have past presentations posted on Youtube.

Each of the participants from the CEO group have also been invited to create a blog page to document their experience of the Conference. As I get a chance to digest both my experience and those of the rest of the group I hope to give you all an insight into some of the ideas on offer.

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