Monday, December 5, 2011

10 Tools for Getting the Most from Dropbox

1. Dropbox Copy

dropbox copy plugin Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting

This simple application adds the copy button within your right click menu option letting you transfer files to dropbox and also copies the URL in your clipboard so that you can share faster.

2. DropItToMe

dropittome Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
Is a secure online application created to help you set up a upload process protected with password known by you and someone who wishes to send you a large document or file.

3. Picplz

picplz dropbox app Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
Is a photo sharing application available for iPhone and Android users. Picplz let’s you manage photos with style and create interesting galleries which can be shared with ease. Now the service provides features to let you create your own photo streaming through Dropbox.

4. Dropbox Forms

dropbox forms Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
A service hosted by Jotforms. It allows you to create online forms where people come, create documents or leave impressions, write for you and then Dropbox forms automatically synchronizes the content with your Dropbox account.

5. DropVox

 If you’re a big fan of the audio note-to-self but you’d like more flexibility than the iPhone’s default Voice Memos app, DropVox may be for you. It’s a simple audio-recording app that links with and uploads M4A recordings directly to your Dropbox account. By default recordings go in a DropVox folder in the root of your Dropbox account, but you can set this to any folder you prefer in the app’s preferences. (You can also set the app to record immediately on launch.)

6. MailDrop

maildrop dropbox Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
It is an advanced backup tool designed to help you save your important emails and conversations from your email account. MailDrop can even choose which folder of your email you want to backup.

7. FileStork

filestork dropbox app Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
An easy and very secure way for Dropbox users around the world to request files from each other. All you have to do is to register, send a request and then the file will be uploaded to Dropbox and you will have full access.

8. Send To Dropbox

send to dropbox Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
This application will collect all attachments you receive on your email account and automatically synchronize them with your Dropbox.

9. URL Droplet

url droplet Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
If someone sends you a file which is hosted on a server and you are not comfortable with downloading it on the computer your using, then URL Droplet will download the file to your Dropbox just by entering the URL in the box.

10. ePubBooks

epubbooks Best 12 Dropbox Apps To Make Things Even More Interesting
Is a marketplace where you can download eBooks and synchronize them automatically on your Dropbox account.

Thursday, December 1, 2011

British Newspaper Archive - Great History Resource

The British Newspaper Archive has scanned millions of pages of historical newspapers and made them available online for the first time ever. Search millions of articles by keyword, name, location, date or title and watch your results appear in an instant. Compare this with hours of painstaking manual searching through hard copies or microfilm often requiring a visit to the British Library in North London and it is easy to appreciate the ground breaking nature of this project.

You can search;
News Articles - read about national events, as well as issues of local and regional importance. News articles are your window into daily life in historical Britain.
Family Notices - search for your family's birth, marriage and death notices plus related announcements including engagements, anniversaries, birthdays and congratulations.
Letters - read letters to the editor written by the newspaper's readers, including illuminating contemporary debates, aspirations and anxieties.
Obituaries view contemporary information on the lives of notable individuals and ancestors.
Advertisements - these include classifieds, shipping notices and appointments..Illustrations - see photographs, engravings, graphics, maps and editorial cartoons.
Small excerpt- first hand account of the Battle of Waterloo

Friday 10 November 1815

This is an excellent resource for Modern History. Access newspaper reports and stories from the days immediately after the event you are studying. This is an opportunity to view the Primary Source within it’s original context - a newspaper. 
  • What other articles were in the newspaper that day?
  • What were the letters to the editors about?
  • What local or national issues were also being discussed?
  • What advertisements were displayed?
  • What was the bias of the newspaper in question?
  • How were the incidents reported on over the following days?
  • Locate great quotes from historical figure involved.
Classroom Activities:
There is a wealth of information, facts, figures and images all located in a verifiable primary source. The activities that this resource suggests is mind blowing. Imagine creating a series of research quests that your students have to complete in order to complete the course.  Students could;
  • Map out articles about a particular issue over time
  • Gauge public opinion about international incidents
  • Document the action and words of public figure, politician or monarchs
  • Collect attributable dialogue for role plays or re-enactments
  • Ceate a snapshot of everyday life in a particular era through the study of advertisements
  • Publish there own textbook based on articles collected from a specific era 
  • Collect political cartoons of the day