Monday, May 2, 2011

Web 2.0 Tool Selection Criteria

This is an interesting proforma from Sloan Consortium

There is enormous potential for Web 2.0 technologies. In fact, the appropriate use of the right Web 2.0 tool can ensure better access, strengthen interactions, increase learning, and improve satisfaction (all in a generally cost-effective manner!).  However, once you've chosen a particular class of Web 2.0 technology (i.e. content creation tools, communication tools, social networking tools...) making a selection from among several seemingly similar Web 2.0 tools in that class can often be challenging and time-consuming.  That's why a checklist is useful.

Web 2.0 Technology Selection Criteria
Evaluate your possible tool choices using these criteria to eliminate poor choices quickly.  Then, do more extensive testing to find that ‘perfect' Web 2.0 technology.
Criteria 1: Access
Is the tool accessible by Windows and Mac users?
Is the tool / product of tool viewable in a variety of web browsers?
Does the tool work well for those with dial-up connections?
Does the tool provide options that support ADA compliance?
Is the tool free?
Will the tool be around for a while?
Criteria 2: Usability
Do you have to create an account to use the tool?
Is the tool easy to use?
Does the tool have a robust and easy to use Help section?
Does anything have to be downloaded and installed on the computer to use the tool?
Criteria 3: Privacy & Intellectual Property
Does the tool allow you to restrict access of your work/your students' work?
Does the tool protect your personal data (e.g. email address given when account created)?
Does the tool allow you / your students to retain sole IP rights to the content you create?
Does the tool allow you to determine the copyright status of the content you've created?
Can you save a copy of the product to your desktop for archival purposes?
Criteria 4: Workload & Time Management
Does the tool make it easy to track student work (for grading purposes).
Does the tool support private and public commenting (for individual and group feedback)?
Does the tool provide for an RSS feed to track work via email or an RSS reader?
Is it possible to embed the tool into the LCMS you're using?
Criteria 5: Fun Factor
Does the tool allow you to be creative during the learning process?
Does the tool allow you to demonstrate creativity in the learning product?
Does the tool provide opportunities for different types of interaction (visual, verbal, written)?
Does the tool increase the perception of connectedness?
Does the tool encourage collaboration?
Feel free to use/distribute this checklist to other educators who may find it helpful.

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  1. An interesting list - food for thought.

    Some of these criteria contradict each other though I'd say. It all depends on what you are trying to achieve.

    Tools with no worries about account creation win on ease of use for people less familiar with online resources

    but you can't expect resources where account creation is not needed to offer the privacy you need for your students...

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