Ultimate Web 2.0 List

  1. 12 Seconds - post video updates on the internet. Like Twitter  or Facebook  but with video. Use it to communicate with your pupils – give them hints and help online, or provide parents with video updates while on a school trip.
  2. 100 Language Learning Sites
  3. 22Books - Create book lists and share
  4. 280 Slides allows you to create PowerPoint-style presentations online. No software to install.
  5. 30boxes - online calendar
  6. 3D-pack  - online 3D box image maker
  7. 3D Graphs Online - Great for Algebra and Calculus classes
  8. 3DVinci - great 3D geometric resource site. Can be use with Sketchup and Geometers Sketchpad
  9. 43Things - share your list of 43 life goals/priorities
  10. 5min Life Videopedia is a place to find short video solutions for every practical questions.
  1. a9 - search engine
  2. Academic Earth - video lectures from the world’s top scholars
  3. Acapela.tv.
  4. Advanced Survey - create customised subject survey pages, post to blog or have logo on each page
  5. Adventure Maker - download and install Adventure Maker to make an interactive 3D virtual environment
  6. AirSet - Online managing of calendars and communication
  7. Ajax-Write - web-based word processor requires Mozilla Firefox browser
  8. Ajax translator - translate in an instant, multiple languages
  9. Alice Alice is a 3D graphics and a drag-and-drop interface to facilitate a more engaging, less frustrating first programming experience.
  10. Algebasics - great site for algebra help
  11. Alibela - Free online language classes
  12. Altapedia - online color physical maps, political maps as well as key facts and statistics on countries of the world.
  13. Alpoy  - avatar and animator creator from your photos
  14. Ahead  - similar to Prezi in that it is a zooming presentation tool
  15. Amap - argument map - like a mind map
  16. America on the Move - historical tours of American history
  17. Amigo Reader - a reader for ebooks - read and learn with others
  18. Ancient Egypt - learn about ancient Egypt
  19. Animoto is a web application that produces professional quality videos from your pictures and music.
  20. Aniboom - online animation competitions for paid commissions
  21. Animasher  - create your animation
  22. Arkive - an amazing site for photos or world species
  23. Artbabble - a new kind of video site dedicated to art and artists. It offers high definition video that features wide ranging content.
  24. Articulate - e-learning software tools that creates presentations, quizzes, and surveys
  25. ArtsEdge - great art resources and lessons
  26. ArtPad - paint online, frame, hang in gallery, share with friends with save & send
  27. ArtSnacks Network - a network for kids and teachers
  28. Artsonia - join this student online art museum. Add student art and find excellent works of others
  29. Ask.com - search engine – see “Ask for Kids” (replaces Jeeves)
  30. Assign-A-Day Calendar Maker - online calendar for assignments
  31. Atmosphir - construct and publish online educational games
  32. Assignment calculator - online assignment schedule calculator
  33. Audacity - record and edit sounds straight to your computer (you do need a microphone), Great Podcasting tool
  34. Audiobooks - free audio books for kids
  35. Audioboo is an audio-blogging site, you can send in updates through the web, phone or its own iPhone app. Perfect for blogging on the move, like on a school-trip, or sharing your class’s opinion about a topic.
  36. AudioBooksForFree - free audio files for books
  37. AudioKids - audio books for kids
  38. AuthorSTREAM allows you to publish and share your PowerPoint presentations. It also allows you to download published presentations as videos.
  39. Aviary is a suite of web applications which allow you to create, edit and manipulate images. They have also recently launched an audio editing tool called Myna.
  40. Awesome Library - K-12 maths problems
  1. Backpack - project/list organization tool
  2. Babbel - more free online language courses
  3. Basecamp - project collaboration tool/communication – share files/schedules, & writeboards free, $$ limited free features
  4. BibMe - fast and easy bibliography maker
  5. BeFunky is a website that allows you to apply a variety of fun effects to your own photos or from photo sharing sites.
  6. Begreennow - carbon and lead calculator.
  7. Betty Spaghetti - create a cool girl and fashion design
  8. Beyond - confront the big question and find research about answers.
  9. Big Huge Labs  - create puzzles, movie posters, magazine covers, mosaics, calendars, badges, billboards and more.
  10. Big Universe - build online children stories
  11. Biolab - disections for biology and anatomy classes.
  12. Bit.ly - this is a great little URL shortener - very easy to use
  13. Bitstrips - comic creator
  14. BitTorrent - download - share files & bandwidth
  15. Blabberize.com allows you to animate pictures to make the people, animals or objects in them appear as if they are talking. It only takes three simple steps.
  16. Block Posters is a web application that allows you to make full size posters from pictures in your computer. Perfect for classroom displays.
  17. Blogger is a free blogging platform by  Google.
  18. Blog Booker - turn your blog pages into a real book
  19. Blurb - create/publish your own book
  20. Book a Lesson - student online tutor management tool
  21. Bomomo - beautiful online interactive creative drawing program
  22. Bookboon - free books textbooks and business
  23. Booklamp - match the reader level with writing sample collection
  24. Book Glutton - Read online books with others, chat and annotate together.
  25. BookGoldMine - more books here
  26. Bookr - create your own fun books using this tool and then they publish it online for you
  27. Bookrix - download free ebooks, enter free writing contests and much more..
  28. Booktagger - Create book lists and share
  29. Bookyards tons of books can be found here
  30. Book Seer - Find out what to read next
  31. Box.net is an online file storage and collaboration solution. Share content with your colleagues or students.
  32. Bubblecomment - upload a video to your website without coding
  33. Bubbleshare - your photos, your voice, your story - narrated slide show online
  34. Bubbl.us is a web application for creating mind-maps either on your own or collaborating with others.
  35. Bubbleply - put a bubble on any video to post anywhere
  36. BudgetTracker - online budget tracker, money manager
  37. Build your Wild Self - create a self portrait and learn about the animal parts incorporated into your avatar.
  38. Build a Jam - create your own music, collaborate and share online
  39. Buildy - create building floor plans with photo enhancements
  40. Buzzword is an online word processor for writing reports, proposals, and anything else you need to access online or work on with others. 
  1. Cacoo - Click on play for instructions, then create a mind map.
  2. Calameo - publish and share documents with page turning mag style webpages
  3. Calc 3D - free download ap for Mathematical graph and charting software for geometry and statistics
  4. Calcr - online calculator
  5. Calcoolate - web based online cool calculator unit conversion financial currency conversion
  6. Calibre - e-book management tool that converts multiple file types ie. PDF for iPad
  7. Calisphere - history events and more
  8. Camstudio is a free desktop application that allows you to record your computer screen.
  9. Canvastic - create simple animations on this free canvas
  10. Capzles is a free web application that allows you to combine your photos, videos, blog posts and mp3s into rich multimedia storylines.
  11. Carbon Footprint Calculator
  12. Carbonmade - free online portfolio site - show off your work
  13. Cartoonster is a website aimed at children with tutorials on how to create animations. Perfect to introduce the concept and possibilities of animation to youngsters.
  14. Cassiopeia Project - a great collection of Science videos
  15. Catpin - a sophisticated bubble test generator
  16. Ccleaner - cleans up all the junk left from deleted applications on your PC
  17. CCmixer - a community music remixing site.
  18. Celestia - visit space online in 3 Dimensions
  19. Cellsea is ideal to quickly add effects to your pictures.
  20. ChartGizmo - an incredible chart builder for any type of data that can be typed or uploaded to this tool.
  21. Chartle - Create, embed and share your charts, plots, diagrams and maps online.
  22. Chart Tool - create great looking charts and graphs with this free tool
  23. Chatzy - "free private chat service. Fill out the form to create a chat room immediately - only for you and the people you invite!"
  24. ChemCollective - Carnegie Mellon's online lab simulations for class
  25. Chinese Course & Flashcards - Learn to speak Chinese in this free environment
  26. Chizmax - lyrics and video search engine
  27. Chronology of US Historical Documents
  28. Citation Maker - bibliography maker APA or MLA
  29. Circos - great tool for creating infographics - present data within a circle
  30. CK-12 Books - a great collection of K-12 books
  31. Classblogmeister - blog designed specific for classroom use
  32. Classmarker - online testing and quiz app with free features as well as professional options
  33. Class Notes - free communication tool – syllabus, homework, messageboard, calendar, news, gradebook, etc.
  34. Class Set-up Tool (Scholastic) - design your class seating chart - interactive
  35. Classtools.net - allows you to create free educational games, activities and diagrams.
  36. Clayanimator - the art/science of creating, editing claymotion animation projects.
  37. Click2map - new way to build google maps
  38. Click and Learn - learn the parts of a computer
  39. Click, speak - reads websites for the improvement of literacy
  40. Clipclip - cut, copy and paste anything on the web
  41. Closr.it  - zoomable widget for very large images
  42. CLRN - California Learning Resource Network for text books
  43. Cmap - collaborative concept mapping
  44. Comicbrush allows you to create and share a comic using any combination of your own drawings, photos and ready-to-use artwork.
  45. Comic Creator - Interactive Comic Strip Creator – ReadWriteThink
  46. Comic Sketch - online comic maker
  47. Commoncraft is a useful website which explains web products and services in plain English using short, unique and understandable videos
  48. Community Clips - create videos of your computer desktop
  49. Community Maps - create community projects in geography & history
  50. Community Walk - personalised maps.
  51. Concord Consortium - join for free and gain access to some of the best Math and Science java applets and applications
  52. ContentGenerator.net provides free flash game makers. Premium content also available.
  53. Cookstr - online recipe search engine
  54. Cookthink  - what are you craving to cook
  55. Cooliris - a wonderful graphic search engine for desktop or mobile device
  56. Coordinates Plane - interactive coordinates plane
  57. Corkboard - create an online corkboard to collect images, text, video or even music
  58. Coverdude - free magazine creation services as well as replacement cd,  blu ray and xbox, wii and ps3 covers
  59. Create a Graph - all kinds of graphs can be created – save, share, print 
  60. Creative Commons Search allows you to sieve through massive repositories of media and resources which you are legally free to use and share.
  61. Crickweb - math for interactive white boards
  62. Crocodoc - Collaboratively highlight and comment on PDFs, Word documents, images, and more!
  63. CTC Music Mixer - fun to play with sounds, mixes
  64. Curriculumbits - online e-learning resources and activities
  65. Curricular Resources resources for curriculum concepts
  66. Custom Sign Generator is an image creator that allows you to create free logos, avatars, comics.
  1. Dabbleboard is an online whiteboard that will help you visualize, explore and communicate ideas
  2. DAZ 3D - create incredible looking 3D images and designs
  3. Delicious is a social book-marking site which allows you to access your book-marks from any computer. 
  4. Delivr - online digital postcards
  5. Destination Modern Art - Interactive art activities for kids
  6. Dfilm easily create fun films
  7. Diaglo - smart talking multimedia for world language studies
  8. Digital Directors Guild - K-16 exploring digital movie making
  9. Digication - provides e-Portfolio and Assessment Management Systems for K-12 and Higher Education Institutions.
  10. Digital History  - History Interactive
  11. DigitalStoryteller - web-based, online tool from University of Virginia
  12. Diigo allows you to access and share your bookmarks from anywhere. 
  13. Diigo Education - annotate web sites then send to students or colleagues
  14. Digg - social bookmarking
  15. Dipity - create embedable media-rich timelines. Great for research and history projects.
  16. DivShare is a service that allows you to upload, store, manage and then embed any file -including video files- into websites. 
  17. DLESE - Digital Library for Earth's Systems Education.
  18. DocCop - plagarism and collusion detector that creates reports on areas of concern in a piece of text
  19. Doink.com is a website that allows you to create and share animations.
  20. Domo is a school friendly version of Go!Animate (below) in which all inappropriate content is filtered out. Domo allows you and your students to create animations that can be embedded onto blogs, wikis, etc.
  21. Doodlewall- online or private doodlewall
  22. Donorschoose - get the books for your classrooms
  23. Doppelme - free dynamic avatar
  24. DotSUb is a website that allows you to upload videos and put subtitles on them. Perfect to share foreign language resources or to set translation projects to your students.
  25. DragONtape - cut and paste multiple youtube videos into one clip
  26. Dropbox is software that enables file storage, back up, sharing and synchronisation online and across different computers. Premium service with a basic free account.
  27. Drop.io allows closed groups to collaborate and share files and media, as well as chat in real time. Excellent for group work or projects.
  28. Dropload - FTP large files – up to 100MB – share with others
  29. Dropmind - mindmapping Tool, solution for brainstorming, visual and creative thinking.
  30. Dynamic Periodic Table
  31. Dvolver - direct, shoot and share your own movie
  1. Easybib - create free bibliographies online
  2. Ebiwrite - tools for translations
  3. Ebooks - ebooks for free and for fee open and read with Amigo Reader
  4. E-Board - free trial, 30 days – calendar, iNote, Rich Text editing
  5. Ecokids - interactive fun for learning ecology
  6. EconEdLink - tons of economic resources
  7. Economics - Invest and play the stock market
  8. Ecto - blog management tool which allows for features driven offline blog prep
  9. Edicy - super simple and free web building site
  10. Ediscio - online learn with flashcards
  11. Edmodo is a micro-blogging service (like Twitter) for teachers and students. Use it with your students to share information, set and collect assignments and much more.
  12. Edsitement - online humanities and literacy reference
  13. Edublogs.org based on WordPress.com, Edublogs is a hosted blogging platform designed for education.
  14. Eduslide - create and deliver your own e-learning
  15. Educypedia - the educational encyclopedia - tons of topics and interactives.
  16. Edutagger - K-12 social bookmarking site
  17. Edutopia - Empowering and connecting teachers, administrators, and parents with innovative solutions and resources to better education.
  18. Edweb - teacher based blog platform for professional networking
  19. e-Field Trips - online virtual field trips based  around a variety of subject areas and topics
  20. Elgg.net - online portfolio/learning community, embed files, 
  21. Embedit.in is a service that allows you to upload and embed documents into blogs or other websites quickly and easily. 
  22. Empressr - Add photos, music, video, and audio, and share it publicly or privately in an instant.
  23. Emusic  - free 45 music downloads - half price of itunes
  24. Enablr - transcribe podcasts
  25. Englishcafe - great for ESOL learners, a fun site to explore and contribute to
  26. Englishclub - secondary English resources
  27. Engrade - Free online gradebook for teachers including a free online grade book, free homework calendar, free student messaging, free attendance, and more
  28. E-LearningforKids - fun math interactives
  29. elearnr - open sources podcasting and elearning resources
  30. ePals - create cultural classroom exchanges with ePals email and blogs
  31. EPN - Education Podcast Network - educational podcasts
  32. Epub Books - free epub files to use with epub readers
  33. Eslvideo - add quzzes to online videos
  34. eThink.org.uk is an online community supporting education by supplying free blog space.
  35. etutor graphing calculator - online graphing calculator
  36. Everytrail - create and embed a map.
  37. Eyeplorer - a new search engine using facts, concepts and geo-tags connected to the keyword
  38. Eyespot - mix & share video content – organize random clips – host & share out
  39. Exploratree - mindmaps and thinking scaffolds for all sorts of activities
  40. Exponent Battleship
  1. Facebook can be used to set up groups and provide your students with updates about your subject or department. 
  2. Face Your Manga  - make your own online avatar
  3. Factbook - a wonderful collection of facts from all over the world
  4. Fatburgr - nutritional information from fast food restaurants
  5. Faunapolis - share interesting photos and stories about animals that live in this new kind of jungle we call town, city, or even backyard
  6. Favicon - icon generator
  7. FeedBooks - thousands of public domain books for free!
  8. Feedmyapp - your daily dose of web 2.0 tools
  9. ffonts - free fonts
  10. FHSST - Free HS Science and Math Books
  11. Filezilla is a very useful desktop application that allows you upload content to your web pages or blogs using FTP (File Transfer protocol).
  12. Filzmail - deposable 24 hr email addresses
  13. Findingdulcinea - online references, internet librarian
  14. Findory - set up your own news feeds
  15. Fitbrains  - brain training 
  16. Flashcard Creator
  17. Flash Card Exchange - flash card exchange library – find what’s already been done or create your own flash cards
  18. Flatworld Knowledge - website
  19. Fleck - annotate web pages.
  20. Flickr is a web service for storing and sharing your digital photographs. It also contains a massive collection of  Creative Commons 
  21. Flipbook create fun flipbooks with this tools
  22. Flock - a social web browser.
  23. Flowchart - collaborative flowchart online
  24. Fluxtime more animation fun.
  25. Fmatlas - create and then embed a map in minutes.
  26. Foldit - Solve genetic puzzles and help Science research.
  27. Fontex - hand picked collection of free font downloads
  28. Foodari  -create a personalised cookbook
  29. Footnote - annotate historical information.
  30. Footprint Friends - Environmental activities, games and more
  31. Forumer - forums for free, phpBB Hosting
  32. Forlater - send reminders to yourself and others
  33. Forvo - Many of the best translations online, add your own as well.
  34. Fotobabble enables you to create talking photos in a few clicks by adding a voice to customisable slide-shows.
  35. Fractured_fairy_tales
  36. Freemind is a desktop application for creating mind-maps. Available for Linux, OSX and Windows
  37. Freebookspot - tons of free books
  38. Free Federal Resources
  39. FreePlayMusic - copyright free resources for students’ digital stories
  40. Free Reading - free open source reading resources, lessons/activities K-3.
  41. Freerice - learn and provide rice for the hungry
  42. Frenzoo - create 3D characters
  43. Frevvo - rich, dynamic forms without writing a single line of code
  44. Fuel Our Future Now - ignite imagination and innovation with this site,students think about alternate fuel possibilities - interactive
  45. Fuzzmail -Fuzzmail records the act of writing and lets you send it as an email. Dynamic changes, typoes, pauses and writeovers are captured and communicated.
  1. Gamegarage - adventure and skill games
  2. Gcast - sister site of Garageband.com; Personal broadcasting
  3. Geni - genealogical tracker, create your family tree and invite relatives to share
  4. Geocaching - high tech treasure hunt in countries around the world
  5. Geocommons - explore, create and share intelligent maps and geodata
  6. GeoGebra - learn geometry with this free online geometry tool.... Similar to Geometers Sketchpad
  7. Getfreebooks - free books - kobo - read on an ipad or itouch 
  8. Giggle Poetry - write, publish and rate students poetry
  9. Gimp is an  Open Source image manipulation program. A bit like Photoshop, only free! It tackles tasks such as photo retouching, image composition and image authoring.
  10. Ginger Spell - automatically corrects mistakes and helps the learner
  11. Gizmos at Explorelearning
  12. GlassGiant is a website that allows you to make fun, custom pictures.
  13. Gliffy is an online application with which you can easily create professional-looking flowcharts, diagrams, floor plans and technical drawings.
  14. Globusz - free e-books tons for download (other languages too!!)
  15. Glogster - create online posters, media rich online posters that can be shared online or embeded onto wikis.
  16. Glypho Collab Book Writing - read/write novels collaboratively
  17. Gmaps Pedometer - measure walking distance on the map
  18. Go!Animate is a web application with which you can create animated comic strips and cartoons.
  19. gOFFICE - Word & limited desktop publishing online
  20. Gogofrog - 3D website creation for interactive learning experiences
  21. Google, a comprehensive suite of web-based and desktop applications like Gogle Docs, Google Earth, Blogger, Google Mail and much more
  22. GoogleAlert - track your interests on the web
  23. Google Books - great previews and full books to read and embed.
  24. Google Docs & Spreadsheets - create/collaborate/share - free online word processing/spreadsheet creation tools from Google.
  25. Google Earth - maps - free download - 3D planet interface
  26. Google Dictionary
  27. Google Maps -
  28. Google News -
  29. Google Planimeter - measures area using Google maps
  30. Google Posters - printable poster, better internet searches
  31. Google Mars
  32. Google Sketchup - create 3D buildings and drawings
  33. Google Sky - Check out the universe and stars
  34. Google Timeline - 
  35. Google Web Page Creator - Google Web Page Creator – create your own web pages quickly & easily 
  36. Google Video - search, upload, and share videos online free
  37. Gopubmed - bioscience search engine
  38. Grade Guru - note sharing for students by students
  39. Graphic Organizer Maker - create customized graphic organizer worksheets
  40. Graphsy - easy to draw graphs
  41. Grokker - one search, many sources
  42. Groupboard - Groupboard lets you set up a multi-user whiteboard and put it onto your web page. Teachers have been using Groupboard for over 10 years for tutoring and distance learning.
  43. Greenfoot allows you to make graphical representation of objects and simulations.
  44. Grouprecipes - recipes
  45. GroupSharp - provides hosted weblists, databases, documents & wikis for groups & businesses.
  46. GroupTable - This online tool uses groupings to improve document  management, project planning and communication. Online tools such as group to-do lists, online file storage, private group chats, discussion.
  47. Gwap - games with a purpose.
  1. Haringkids - web based art tools to create haring style artworks and graphics
  2. Headmagnet - study and memory assistance site
  3. Highlightcam - make videos shorter automatically
  4. Historical Aniversaries - every date and all of the events
  5. History Channel History events and programs
  6. HistoryNet - tons of historical information here
  7. Hitask - HiTask is a free web-based task management tool.
  8. HP Teacher Experience - e-learning site
  9. HSI - where History and CSI collide, student solve case studies about historical events. A great tool.
  10. Homework Station - assignment calendar
  11. Hot Potatoes - create interactive quizzes, multiple choice questions and crosswords, which can be added to websites. Free for schools.
  12. Human Being Images - Merriam Webster Dictionary
  13. Humanities learn about humanities
  1. iBloks - create and share music
  2. Iconspedia - free icons
  3. Idiomag - your online music magazine
  4. idPad - free download, collaborative authoring tool for kids
  5. ifood.tv - indian recipes, videos and cooking tutorials
  6. I Know That - learning activities and games for primary
  7. Instructables - instructional photos, step by step or video
  8. International Children's Digital Library - a global collection of books
  9. ImageChef is a website that allows you to create custom images by combining text, symbols and photos.
  10. imcooked - video recipe sharing, become your own celebrity chef.
  11. IMMEX -. Create a interactive science classroom for students to interact
  12. Infomotions - collections of online book resources
  13. Innertoob - interactive podcasting
  14. Inspirationking - a quality web design gallery, get inspiration or submit your own design
  15. Instapaper allows you to easily save web pages for reading later, when you have time, so you don’t just forget about them or skim through.
  16. Instacalc - online shared calculator
  17. Instacomment - comments box for your posts, wiki, webpage or blog
  18. Interactives - maths, science, history and arts
  19. Interactive Periodic Table
  20. Interactive Scoring - for writing samples use with you kids
  21. Interactive Simulations - primary grade games or simulations.
  22. iOutliner - create online outline for projects
  23. IPPEX - Internet Plasma Physics Education Experiences
  24. iRows - online spreadsheet
  25. iSendr is an on demand file sharing and transfer system, facilitating the sending of large files between people.
  26. isketch - multiplayer online games like pictionary
  27. iSpeech - converts any text on the Web into clear natural sounding audio free. Take your reading on the go
  28. iSpott - a mobile scavenger hunt game played with mobile cameras
  29. Issuu - great online publishing tool, simply upload pdf of any document and publish online
  30. iTALC is a free and powerful didactical tool for teachers. It lets you view and control other computers in your network in several ways: 
  31. iTunes whether you run a Mac or a PC, whether you have an iPod or not. This programme from Apple allows you to manage your music 
  32. iWrite - a wonderful website for students to learn how to write effectively.
  1. Jacuba - free online spellchecker
  2. Jamendo A European podsafe music site. Download royalty-free,  Creative Commons music in all major european languages.
  3. Jamglue is a web based application for recording and mixing tracks. Like Audacity or Garageband but online.
  4. Jamstudio create you own original music
  5. Jaycut is like having Movie Maker or iMovie in your browser. No software to install, all movie editing is done online. 
  6. Java Physics Simulations serious physics applets
  7. JClic is a desktop application that creates interactive exercises and multimedia educational activities (using Java) fro your website or VLE.
  8. Jing is a free desktop application that allows you to capture your desktop as you work. Excellent for creating video tutorials.
  9. Jirox - a web button generator
  10. Joomla - the dynamic portal engine and content management system that enables you to build Web sites and powerful online applications.
  11. JotSpot - take one set of notes live in a collaborative meeting, see changes as they happen
  12. Jotspotlive (JotNotes) - take one set of notes live in a collaborative meeting, everyone types on the same web page
  13. Jumpcut  - video editing online - SuperBowl 2008 commercial with user-generated videos was run on this site
  1. Karaokeparty - sing online and earn high points. Great for music classes.
  2. Karma Exchange - do something nice today, a social networking experiment based on the giving and receiving of good will in the form of tokens
  3. Kartoo - search returns visual map.
  4. Keep Toolkit - Knowledge Media Laboratory resources using multimedia representation as teaching tool.
  5. Kerpoof allows children to draw, tell stories and create cartoons and animations. Very popular now part of the Disney family of companies.
  6. KickYoutube is a web application that converts YouTube videos to any format. Simply type in the word kick after the www. in the YouTube url.
  7. KitchenMonki - 
  8. Kompozer is an Open Source desktop HTML editor and web authoring application.
  9. Kozoru - question & answer search system.
  10. Krunch (xfutureblog.com) - compress & uncompress files online
  11. Ksolo - Karaoke for the internet
  1. Lab Meeting- scientists conducting and sharing research. Join, share, submit, and learn. Advanced concepts and topics
  2. Lab Out Loud - Science podcasts by Science teachers and professionals
  3. Languages Online Australia game makers from Dept Ed of Victoria, Australia. Also contains a wealth of ready-made interactive exercises.
  4. Laphotocabine - photobooth old style photos
  5. Learners.tv - free science videos for difficult concepts
  6. LegSim - legislative simulations.
  7. Lesson Planner Discovery.com - Discovery School – create & store lesson plans online.
  8. LessonPlanner - NCRTEC online lesson plan template
  9. Letterfu - one page fold & mail letter template
  10. Letterpop - desktop publishing with templates
  11. Library 2.0 - 100 free online library resources
  12. Library of Congress
  13. Library of Virtual Manipulatives - interactive maths concepts
  14. Librivox - audio and mp3 files for books
  15. Lingro allows you to view any foreign website through its browser, allowing you to click on any word on the screen to find out its meaning
  16. Lingus.tv Beginner, intermediate and advanced level videos for the learner of Spanish. Comes with transcript, translations and grammar
  17. Lingt is a web application that allows you to create and edit language assignments incorporating voice, video, images, and text. 
  18. Links for Teachers - website
  19. List of More Resources - A list of resources here
  20. Listio - is a site that allows you to check out new and vote for your favorite web 20 apps and services.
  21. Lit2Go - mp3 audio book files for download.
  22. Literature-Map - map genres and authors
  23. Livebinders - organize your resources in an online three ring binder
  24. Livebook - create a community written online book.
  25. LiveMarks - live del.icio.us feed - watch live updates, then go exploring
  26. Livemocha - learn a new language socially
  27. Logicly - Learn about logic gates and basic computer architecture with a simple drag-and-drop user interface.
  28. Logoease - free online logo maker
  29. Logosauce - host a design competition and receive logo concepts from numerous designers
  30. LoudlLit - get audio files for many classiscs at this website.
  31. Lulu - be your own publish – publish a book, CD, or DVD in minutes
  32. Lyricsmode - find lyrics to your favourite song
  1. Magnetic Poetry -Play More - kids to learn to make poems and recognize words
  2. Magmypic - make mag covers with your own pictures - very cool results
  3. Magtoo - magnify your photos on your blog or website - magtoo your world
  4. Mahara  create electronic portfolios, weblogs, and social networking systems, among other things. Set up an personal learning environment.
  5. Make Beliefs Comix allows you to create comic strips online.
  6. Manybooks - a huge range of books can be found here
  7. Map Builder - tag locations and create your own custom map
  8. Mapme - create collaborative maps of any location and share it in Google Maps.
  9. Mapskip - allows you to share stories and photos about the places that are important in your life
  10. Maps of War - get real information and locations about any War
  11. Masher is an online video editor that allows user to create videos using their own uploaded material or its own library of resources.
  12. MATLAB - Interactive tools for interactive exploration, design, and problem solving.
  13. Math247- 500 mathcasts or quick videos and demos for math problems. Join to add your own.
  14. Math Glossary - K-8 vocab demonstrated
  15. Math Forum
  16. Mathsonline - great maths explanations and practice for high school
  17. Math Playground  fun games for all
  18. Math Tool Chest - fun math interactives for any kid
  19. MathTV - Interactive math games and simulations for problem solving
  20. Mathway - step by step math problem solver
  21. MathVids - wow, a great site for math videos about tough Math concepts
  22. Mediafire.com - podcast hosting
  23. Mediamax - free storage for video file
  24. MediaWiki - install and maintain an infinite number of wikis. Because it requires server-side installation, you may find it less complicated to get your school to install it for you.
  25. Medmotion - learning interactively
  26. Meegenius - a great resource for classic books for young readers.
  27. Meez - create 3D avatars
  28. Memorari - reminder service
  29. MemoWare - download just about anything!
  30. Microdocs - a science site for ecological sustainability - Standford U.
  31. Microsoft's Calculator Plus - wow a virtual higher level calculator
  32. Mightyquiz - online quiz for testing language skills and definitions
  33. Mikogo - screen sharing tool - a free desktop sharing tool for hosting online meetings and distant learning -10 participants simultaneously.
  34. Mikons - where people communicate through visual symbols, logos, icons, or avatars to tell a story
  35. Milkit - mobile learning kit
  36. Mimoa  - my modern architecture
  37. Mind360 - have fun with a brain workout program and keep your mind alive.
  38. Mind42 - interesting toolsets related to other web 2.0 resources; collaborative mapping tool, add images, notes, 'todo' list
  39. Mindomo is a web application for creating and sharing mind-maps.
  40. Mindmeister is another web application that allows you to create collaborative mind-maps.
  41. Miro - Download - watch free internet video channels and play any video file
  42. MIT World - videos for learning by MIT
  43. Mixbook -create a free ebooks.
  44. Mob5 - create a mobile homepage
  45. Moneytrackin’ - accounting, budgets
  46. Moodle - Moodle – Open Source course management system/online learning community software - download
  47. Moodstream - music and images
  48. MoonEdit - free download; multi-user collaborative text editor.
  49. Mosaickr - create mosaics from Flickr images
  50. Moshi Monsters - online game where you can adopt your very own pet monster. Each one has a lively, unique personality that develops the more you play.
  51. Mouse Mischief  class can connect to your computer/interactive whiteboard using their mice, integrated into PowerPoint insert questions, polls, and drawing activity slides into your lessons. 
  52. Mr. Picassohead - create and share your own face designs
  53. Museum Box  the tools for you to build up an argument or description of an event, person or historical period by placing items in a virtual box.
  54. Mutapic - picture/logo generator
  55. Muveemix - create movies with audio
  56. My Award Maker is a web service for creating your own awards to hand out to your students. Awards are printable, in .pdf format.
  57. Myebook - get your graphic comic, novelette or magazine published online for free.
  58. Myexperiment - find, use and share scientific workflows.
  59. My Heritage - genealogical tracker
  60. Myna is an online audio recording and editing tool which is really impressive and intuitive. See also Aviary, above.
  61. Myplick is a free service that lets you share and embed presentations online.  Formats supported are powerpoint, pdf,  and openoffice odp. 
  62. My Portaportal - A web based bookmarking utility that lets you store links to your favorite websites online.
  63. myprojectpages.com - build curriculum activities online – inquiry-based learning wizards
  64. Myschoolog - an online web-based application to organize your school life easily. You can easily organize everything about your school
  65. Mystickies - allows you to place little yellow squares of digital paper anywhere and everywhere you feel like in the whole wide web.
  66. Mytimelines - interactive timelines - dates, events and images

  1. NanoHub - online simulations for nanotechnology.
  2. National Gallery of Art - Create original works of art with these interactive tools
  3. Nayio - create your own music videos
  4. National Library of Virtual Manipulatives
  5. NEOK12 videos about Maths, Eng, Science and HSIE
  6. NewsIsFree - personal portal -
  7. New Zealand Math Resources - math overload
  8. Nicenet - Internet Classroom Assistant – create an online course site
  9. Ning allows you to create private social networks. Use it to communicate and share resources with your colleagues and students. 
  10. Nobel Prize Games - great site for games in all areas
  11. Noodle Tools - develop search strategies and cite information correctly
  12. Nota - Use photos, videos, and content you can create brainstorms, presentations, and enjoy an interactive chat with more than 50 friends."
  13. Notecentric - shared note taking, keeps your notes organized and readily available online.
  14. Notemesh - users in the same class can collaboratively create a definitive source for lecture notes
  15. NoteStar - create online research notes & organize
  16. Now Do This - Simplify your day by putting up a schedule of activities for the day. After the task is accomplished, have a student come and click "done" and it moves on to the next task at hand.
  17. NOVA - Interactive archives
  18. NSF Multimedia Gallery - search/download various Science videos, images, and audio
  19. Numbernut - games for interactive white boards
  20. Number Cruncher
  21. NumSum - online spreadsheet
  22. Nuvvo - on demand learning, create online course (free or $$)
  1. Oamos - an excellent alternative visual search engine
  2. Obamiconme - upload a photo or image and turn it into a Shepherd Fairley poster
  3. Odiogo - voice enable your content by transforming your text entries into podcasts.
  4. Offtype - create online hand drawn pictures, save and share.
  5. Off The Map - create backyard paradise scenes
  6. Ology - online resources from American Museum of Natural History
  7. OneTrueMedia.com produces slide shows from templates with your own photos and music which you can then post online.
  8. Online Certificate Maker – templates for printing games, activities
  9. Online Dictionary - website
  10. Online Etch-A-Sketch too much fun
  11. Online Free Ebooks - some different reading materials
  12. Online Photo Tool is a website that allows you to edit and save your images, screenshots and photos online.
  13. Online Science Dictionary - search scientific terms
  14. On This Day events from dates in history
  15. Open Office is an office suite complete with draw, database, spreadsheet, presentation and word-precessing tools. 
  16. Openzine - online publishing of magazine style documents
  17. Ourmedia - Store video, audio and other files you created.
  18. Our Story - Collaborative Timeline With Pictures - save stories, photos, and videos on a collaborative timeline, export Widget code
  1. Paint.NET - image and photo editing desktop application for Windows. An intuitive and innovative user interface with support for layers, undo, special effects, and a wide variety of useful and powerful tools.
  2. PALS - Performance Assessment Links in Science
  3. Pandora - personalised music player
  4. Pageflakes - your personalized startpage to the Web
  5. Paper Rater - grade your paper instantly
  6. PatternTap - find suitable pattern for your website
  7. PBS - American Colonial History Interactive
  8. PBWorks (previously known as PBWiki) allows you to create wikis for your classes. Its education edition focuses on safety and collaboration.
  9. PDFCreator turns anything into a PDF file… anything. Very good if you want to create hand-outs or lesson notes quickly and easily.
  10. PDF Genie - find pdf reports / books with this new PDF search engine
  11. Pedometer - measure distances
  12. Pencil - download and create pencil drawings draw online
  13. Pencil Animation - Download Only
  14. Penzu - online journal site use for both teachers and students
  15. Periodic Table of Videos - interactive PT created by Univ. Nottingham.
  16. Persuasive, - Interactive Writing Workshops
  17. Persuasion Map  - Helps students map out a persuasive argument
  18. Phrasr - visually illustrate a sentence using flickr images, one word one picture
  19. PhET - Physics Education Technology online simulations for difficult concepts.
  20. Phixr is an online photo editor.
  21. Photoxpress - free stock photos for web design, brochures/illustrations
  22. Photojojo - subscribe to photo newsletter for great tips
  23. PhotoPeach is a slide show maker simple enough for young children to use independently. It easily allows you to add text to slides for added impact.
  24. Photoshop Tutorials - great tutorials
  25. Photobucket - image and video hosting
  26. Photopeach - create themed stories using photos and text, leave comments for other users
  27. PhotoRem - Image hosting site;unlimited storage and uploads
  28. Photoshow.com - upload some pics, add some music, create a quick & easy photovideo online.
  29. Photo Story 3 makes film clips of your photo slide shows to which you can add commentary, soundtrack and transition effects.
  30. PhotoSynth allows you to take photos of the same scene and automatically stitch them together into one big interactive 3D viewing experience.
  31. Photovisi is a web application that turns your pictures into a collage which you can then download free  Great to illustrate story telling or just for decoration!
  32. Phreetings - create and then send postcard and greetings
  33. Physics Simulations - Simulations for all types of physics topics.
  34. Pianopedia - piano resources
  35. Picaboo - create online picture albums
  36. Picartia - create an online mosaic
  37. PicLits is a creative writing site that matches images with carefully selected keywords, creating a final product that captures the essence, story, and meaning of the picture.
  38. PicTaps - draw a cartoon character and animate them instantly
  39. Pictaculous - create a colour palette from your picture
  40. Picturing America - a comprehensive collection of art throughout the decades of America. Interactive.
  41. Picture Trail - spinning cube photo display
  42. Picnik.com is a powerful and easy to use photo editing web application. Think Photoshop on-line and without the hefty price tag.
  43. PicSlice - Pictures tools : creates slices of picture, it can also crop it, you can resize picture too
  44. Picture2Life is a web service that allows you to edit, collage and animate pictures online.
  45. Pikikids - comic creator
  46. Pikistrips - Turn your photos into a comic strip online and free, and lots of fun.
  47. Pimpampum is a collection of web applications that allow you to work with Flickr photographs and turn them into books, comics and more…
  48. Pinkmonkey - book notes, study guides and chapter summaries
  49. Pipes - re-purpose online content, a feed aggregator
  50. Piratepad allows you to collaborate online. See also Titanpad, below.
  51. Pixer is another online photo editor.
  52. Pixlr - edit pictures easily
  53. Pixorial allows you to upload, edit and organise video files.
  54. Pixton is an online comic creator with an education section, allowing the creation of safe sharing environments.
  55. PlagiarismDetect - Check for Plagiarism for free
  56. Planimeter - measure areas on a map
  57. Playityet - listen to or play from the online collection of guitar tab music
  58. Plotbot - collaborative script writing
  59. Podcast People - online Podcast studio
  60. Podifier - an application that automates the creation of an RSS feed, the enclosing of one or more MP3 file
  61. Podomatic is a podcast publishing service. Upload your audio or video files and they do the rest! Free for the first 500MB
  62. Poetry.org - poetry, poems and more from the American Poet Society
  63. Poetry Zone - create and share poetry online
  64. Polldaddy is a web service that enables you to create online surveys and polls.
  65. Polleverywhere - create and collate polls and voting via mobile devices
  66. Popplet - an app for the web, where you can collect, curate and share your ideas, inspirations, and projects.
  67. Posterous is perhaps the easiest and most intuitive of all blogging platforms. Simply email updates and Posterous does all the rest!
  68. Postcard Creator - create an interactive timeline - ReadWriteThink
  69. Power Calc
  70. Powertoy Graphing Calc
  71. Prealoader is a web based photo editor that claims to be the best way to upload and optimize photos to Flickr.
  72. Prezentit - free online resource for creating and sharing presentations
  73. Prezi is a web application that allows you to create stunning visual presentations. Think PowerPoint meets mind map.
  74. Primary Calculator
  75. Primary Music - fun interactive games
  76. PrimoPDF - free PDF converter
  77. Printing Press - create brochures, newspaper, booklet, flyer with this easy template from ReadWriteThink
  78. Privnote - Share a confidential note via a web link that will self-destruct after it is read by your intended recipient.
  79. Professor Garfield - Comics_lab - write assemble and print your own comics.
  80. ProjectBasedLearning - create rubrics/checklists for PBL projects
  81. Project Gutenberg - Books to read and share online.
  82. Psykopaint - paint your own photos
  83. Puzzle-maker - create puzzles for any subject
  84. Purdue Writing Lab  - Secondary
  1. Qlubb - the easiest way to communicate and share with other families in your child's classroom.
  2. Qtrax  - advertiser funded music downloads
  3. Questionform - a web application for creating, publishing and analysing online surveys and forms that can also be embedded
  4. QuickTV - interactive video
  5. Quizlet allows you to create and share flaschcards. Great to help your students revise material or for you to create resources for the Interactive Whiteboard.
  6. Quia - Create and then share interactive lessons, puzzles, games or books as well as Maths resources.
  7. QuizStar - online quiz generator.
  8. Quotesdaddy - large online archive of famous quotes
  1. Rallypoint - online collaboration tool
  2. Random Activity Generator allows you to generate a creative classroom activity, homework or task instantly.
  3. Raptr - gaming portal
  4. Read It Later - App to download - Save your information for reading later - integrated into many popular applications and platforms you may already use.
  5. Read the Words - text to speech
  6. Read Write Think - learn to write and more
  7. RealPlayer 11 is a desktop media player that also allows you to download  .flv video content. In practical terms this means that you can download video from YouTube, TeacherTube or any other such video sharing site at the click of a button for later viewing off-line. 
  8. Read Print - online books for the reading
  9. Recallplus - online study software to improve information retention
  10. Redorbit - science resources and news
  11. Remember the Milk - manage tasks & receive reminders (email, SMS, IM)
  12. Rememble - a 'washing line' for your digital bits and pieces. Thread together texts, photos, videos, sounds, scribbles, scans, notes, tweets... so they're not drifting in a digital wasteland.
  13. Research - Interactive Writing Workshops
  14. Response-O-Matic - Need to create a form or survey? Create your forms in standard html. Then have your form call Response-O-Matic.
  15. RockYou - create slideshows with your photobucket images!
  16. Rootein - Define habits and track progress as you go along; get daily reminders
  17. RSS Calendar - share your calendar with others
  18. RSS - A Quick Start Guide for Educators
  19. RubiStar - online rubric generator for PBL
  20. Rubric Builder  - create effective assessment rubrics and share them over the web
  21. Rule The Stars - create your very own constellation and share it!
  1. Save Skelly a game generator - create interactive assessments which can be uploaded to a website or stored in your computer as a .swf file. 
  2. ScanR - scan with your phoneout a scanner
  3. Scrapblog - online s crapbook editor
  4. Science Central - tons of Science interactives and simulations
  5. Science Net Links - interactive links for integration of science and technology K-12
  6. SciLink - find contact and share with scientists.
  7. Scriblink - your online whiteboard for collaboration
  8. Scitable - collaborative learning space
  9. Scivee.tv - Awesome Science Videos for Science by Scientists.
  10. Scholastic - Read a Book and share a book review of it online
  11. Schoolcircuit - connecting schools, students and parents
  12. Science Animations - tons of science animations, simulations and more!!
  13. Science Buddies - great resources for any k-12 Science Fair needs
  14. Scienceray - articles about a wide range of science topics.
  15. Sciencestage - Create a free account, upload audio, video, documents that you want to share. Create groups to share content with. Science Up Close - Grades 1-6 interactive science sites
  16. Scilab -  a software package for numerical computations providing a open computing environment for engineering and scientific applications.
  17. Screencast-O-Matic - free screencast creator online, post to your own blog or wikispace
  18. Screenjelly - screencasting tool
  19. Screen Toaster - free online screen recorder - Capture videos of onscreen action in one click, record screen casts, tutorials, demos.
  20. Sclipo If you have something to teach the rest of us, you post it here. Alternatively, go and learn something new.
  21. Scootle - a learning platform that allows tutorial and online lessons.
  22. Scratch is a programming language that makes it easy to create your own interactive stories, animations, games, music, and art — and share your creations on the web.
  23. Scrapblog - share your digital scrapbooks with your friends, family, and the world
  24. Screenr is a screencast tool for  Twitter that allows you to easily record your screen and share it with your followers.
  25. Screentoaster - screen recorder that allows you to capture and share what goes on in your computer screen. Perfect to record how to videos 
  26. Scribd is a document sharing service that allows you to store and share almost any document format for easy viewing online. 
  27. Scribus desktop publishing application that allows you to create professional documents and page lay-outs and then exports them into PDF format. 
  28. Scribble Maps - create overlays on Google Maps - annotate and more
  29. Scribblescreen - Mac download that create overlays on any screen on the internet - annotate with your students
  30. Scriptovia - effective learning through collaboration
  31. Seeqpod allows you search music and other media and then produce customised, embeddable music players from your selections.
  32. Seesmic is a video blogging service which allows its users to post and share video updates. Similar to 12 Seconds (above).
  33. Sendraw - sentence diagramming application
  34. Sendsteps - SMS vote during powerpoint presentations
  35. SETI - a free program that downloads and analyzes radio telescope data
  36. Shape Collage - a photo collage maker. Automatically create picture collages in a variety of shapes with just a few mouse clicks
  37. Sharendipity - create and share social games online
  38. ShareTabs is a simple and efficient way to share links with pupils/students or colleagues. Send one single personalised url containing all your links conveniently displayed in tabs.
  39. Shelfari - Create book lists and share
  40. Shidonni - a virtual world for young children to play games and interact online
  41. Showbeyond - presentation editor
  42. Show Document - collaborative annotations for documents as simple as 1,2,3
  43. ShowWorld - a new global perspective compare populations, energy, products, technology and more... watch the globe change
  44. Shwup - build video slideshows with your photos adding cool effects and then embed them or download
  45. SimplyBox allows you to capture and share the web with groups of students. Students can also use simply box to research and store the information they find on a given topic.
  46. Songsterr - sing and play guitar online
  47. Simple Math Games
  48. SketchUp is a desktop application from Google that allows teachers or students to create and share stunning 3D models easily and intuitively.
  49. Sketchcast - create presentations with a sketch
  50. Simple Science - simple examples of many science concepts
  51. Sketch Swap - online sketch board
  52. Skobee - online planning/scheduling tool
  53. Skrbl - online whiteboard p2p site
  54. Skype - voice over IP – telephone through the computer
  55. Slatebox allows you to create collaborative mind-map style idea visualisations. Perfect for embedding into a website or view on the interactive whiteboard.
  56. Slideshare allows you to upload and share your PowerPoint presentations. Presentations can then be embedded into blogs or wikis.
  57. Sliderocket - create stunning looking powerpoint style presentations, viewed or shared online
  58. Slideroll - create presentations from stills
  59. Smithsonian's American History - a ton of great resources, search by topic and even time period
  60. Snipurl - snip your long URLS to make them easier to remember
  61. Solar Storm Watch - help scientists with this solar phenomena! It's a must see.
  62. SmashMash.tv  animate pictures and photographs, like Blabberize
  63. Smilebox is a website where you can create e-cards, scrapbooks, slideshows and photo albums from digital photographs.
  64. Snapfish - photosharing
  65. Snipshot is a web based picture editing application.
  66. Soapbx - create free public presentations online
  67. Songbird is a free and open-source customizable music player. Think of it as an open source iTunes.
  68. Songsterr - sing and play the guitar online
  69. Solvr - shared problem solving.
  70. Soople - search engine - easy 'expert' search
  71. Soundsnap - share free sound effects and loops
  72. Sorting-algorithms Animations - algorithms explained
  73. Spaaze - visual organiser -videos, notes, bookmarks
  74. SpaceVidcast at Ustream - live streams and video feeds from NASA and Voyager
  75. SpaceVidcast Site
  76. Spanishpod - lessons for learning spanish
  77. Speaking of History - 8th grade American History teacher uses blog as support for his podcasts.
  78. Speedymarks - visual bookmarks
  79. Speedtile - save and organise bookmarks is a visual way.
  80. Spelling City - create new spelling lists, interactive reviews and games
  81. Spellmaster - download/create online flash vocabulary training aids
  82. Spezify - collage based search engine that gives you images, quotes and videos
  83. Spin and Spell - online interactive site for spelling practice
  84. Spiffytext - online logo maker
  85. SpinVox - voice into text makers of Dragon Dictation
  86. Spreeder - improve your reading fluency or speed easy and fun.
  87. Springdoo - video email online made easy – no attachments
  88. SplashCast is a web based service that allows you to create and edit video channels.
  89. Splashup create pictures and edit photos online, just like Adobe Photoshop.
  90. Speedcrunch - high precision freeware desktop calculator
  91. Spicy Nodes - entice visitors to explore and savor the experience of visiting your site.
  92. Spool.fm - web based music player
  93. Spurl - online social bookmarking service & search engine
  94. Squidoo - popular free site for creating single webpages on your interests and recommendations, even earn money for charity or yourself.
  95. Stanford Solar Center - Learn about the sun in an interactive web site
  96. Stixy allows you to share and collaborate on flexible, web-based bulletin boards. Users can create tasks, files, photos, notes, and bookmarks 
  97. Storybird helps you or your pupils to create short, visual, digital stories which can then be shared and embedded into blogs and wikis.
  98. Storyjumper - create and publish your own children’s books
  99. Story Online - Listen to actors read your favorite books
  100. Storyofmylife - genealogical tracker
  101. StoryNory - audio files for stories
  102. Storyline Online - Screen Actors guild actors read books to you
  103. Stripgenerator is a simple, yet effective and intuitive cartoon strip generator.
  104. Study-hq- use study time more effectiviely
  105. Stuffable - online show and tell
  106. Stupeflix.com is a web service that allows you to create videos by combining image and audio. A very easy way to get into video podcasting.
  107. Sudokular - online sodoku
  108. Sumo Paint is a professional image editing and painting software in your browser.
  109. Supercook - onlines recipes
  110. SuperGlu - piecing your web content together in one place
  111. Survey Builder - build online interactive surveys, timelines, polls, etc.
  112. Survey Monkey is a web service that enables you to create online surveys and polls.
  1. Ta-da List Maker - make lists & get stuff done!
  2. Tabblo - online photo sharing templates
  3. TagGalaxy is a web application that allows you to search  Flickr tags and displays the results in a stunning visual way. Perfect to introduce topics on the IWB or to get discussions going.
  4. Tagul is similar to Wordle. Both create customisable word or tag clouds, the difference is that Tagul’s clouds are embeddable into other websites such as blogs or wikis.
  5. Tagxedo like Wordle but allows for greater customisation of the final images, including a large variety of colour schemes and the ability to change the shape of the could.
  6. Talkr - online tool reads blogs aloud, converting them to podcasts.
  7. Tastyplanner - share recipes
  8. Tastespotting - food
  9. Teachers' Domain - multimedia resources for the classroom
  10. Teacher's Report Assistant - free download – write professional assessment reports
  11. Teacher Tools Generators - a variety of teacher tool generators from The Canadian Teacher
  12. TeacherTube. Name says it all: like YouTube but for educational purposes.
  13. TeachDigital - Wesley Fryer's web 2.0 wiki
  14. Technorati - search the blogosphere
  15. TechTechBoom - a student Science learning network created by students.
  16. Techtrekers - great resource for tons of math interactives
  17. Terraclues - interactive scavenger hunts with google maps
  18. Textorizer allows you to turn a logo (web app) or a picture (free desktop app) into text by substituting colours with the text you supply.
  19. The Education Podcast Network - look for K-12 produced podcasts
  20. The Free Library - over 4 million free periodicals and books
  21. The Futures Channel - real world videos for learning various concepts
  22. The Journey North - Migratory Animals - interactive science studies about animals that migrate.
  23. Thesixtyone - a music adventure
  24. The successbox Living Project - learning to de stress
  25. The Writing Site - (Five Types of Writing) - Collins Writing Program
  26. The Why Files - the Science behind the news. videos and animations
  27. Think Free Office Suite Online - create MS Office compatible docs, spreadsheets presentations free online – 1 GB file storage
  28. Thinkport - Maths and other great interactive higher order thinking games
  29. Thumbstacks - Put your presentations on line to view with any web browser.
  30. Tikatok- create a free ebooks
  31. Timeglider is an web application that allows you to create visual time lines of events. Perfect for History, but useful for any subject exploring a sequence of events.
  32. Timeline Creator - ReadWriteThink Interactive Timeline
  33. Timerime - interactive timeline creator, can include graphics and video
  34. Timetoast also allows you to create interactive time lines, which can be shared anywhere on the web.
  35. Tinychat allows you to create private video conferences. You can have up to twelve people in a room with HQ video, protected by passwords and moderators, share your desktop with them, 
  36. Tinyurl - turn a ugly big web address into a short memorable one
  37. Tinyshowcase - a print shop making small artworks cheaply
  38. Titanpad is based on Etherpad and does exactly the same thing. It allows multiple users to collaborate on a document simultaneously.
  39. Tizmos - create thunmnails of websites to guided searches and cut down on random web time
  40. TED is a collection of inspired talks from the world’s greates thinkers and doers.
  41. Tersus - visual programming app via flow diagrams
  42. Speech Accent Archive - sets of speech samples from around the world
  43. Today's Meet - create a live stream for a backchannel in the classroom, comments, questions, feedback
  44. Toluna - create polls and vote for free
  45. Tonematrix - create music by clicking on squares in a grid, beautifully crafted and lots of fun
  46. Toodled-  An easy to use, online to-do list. Get organized, stay motivated, and be more productive.
  47. Toondoo is a web application that allows you to create your own comic characters and comic strips.
  48. Track This Now - track any event around the world and read the varied perspectives on the top.
  49. Trailfire - use trails as a guide for what is important on the web
  50. TrackStar - online interface that helps teachers organize and annotate Web sites into lessons (hotlist).
  51. Tricki - maths blog
  52. Tubechop allows you to cut and edit YouTube videos so that you can concentrate on the interesting bits or remove offending scenes.
  53. Tumblr is a blogging platform that allows you to post text, photos, links, music, and videos, from your browser, phone, desktop or email.
  54. Tutpup has lots of fun games to reinforce numeracy and literacy
  55. TuxPaint - download and install a free fun drawing application
  56. Twiducate is a Twitter-like (see below) micro-blogging service for schools.
  57. Twitter is a micro-blogging service. Join the ever growing network of teachers and educators sharing their experiences and practice
  58. Twitxr - share photos to multiple social networking sites
  59. TypeIt.org is a website that allows you type in text requiring foreign accented characters in a variety of languages
  1. Ubuntu is an Open Source, Linux-based operating system. It contains all the applications you need – a web browser, presentation, document and spreadsheet software, instant messaging and much more.
  2. Udemy allows you to create online courses. You can upload presentations, videos, host live classroom sessions and write blog posts. And it’s free.
  3. UDL Editions by CAST - read and listen to some famous publications adapted for students with learning needs
  4. UEN 4-6 Online interactive games - website
  5. UNdata - a world of info from the United Nations
  6. UStreamTV.com - create your own Internet broadcast tv show in minutes with a camera and an Internet connection
  7. Ututti  - online music teacher grades and records
  8. UUorld - explain the world in maps
  1. Vadlo - two biologists trying to make it easier to search the web for biology topics in 5 categories - Protocols, Online Tools, Seminars, Databases and Software
  2. Vastpark - design and construct your own 3D virtual world.
  3. VectorMagic converts images to vector images, this basically means that it allows you to scale an image without making blurry or pixelated, retaining its crispness.
  4. Verbalearn - Study for your SAT, GRE, ACT or general vocabulary
  5. Videoegg - share videos on the web.
  6. Viddler - Want to promote your brand. It's simple. You can add your logo to the player, change the colors to fit your own color scheme
  7. Vidipedia - video encyclopedia anyone can edit.
  8. Vimeo - a simple and elegant video sharing service.
  9. Virtual Experiments - resources of simulations and virtual experiments
  10. Virtual Legos - Play with Lego online
  11. Virtual Volcano - an interactive tool that allows you to set the conditions of the eruption
  12. Visible Body - interactive human body and descriptions
  13. Visuwords - online graphical dictionary and thesaurus to find their meanings and associations with other words and concepts
  14. Visual Thesaurus - find & visualize synonyms, 30 day free trial from ThinkMap, then $ subscription.
  15. Vivisimo/ Velocity5 - categorized, clustered search returns
  16. Vorby - online movie quotes
  17. Vocaroo is a web service for sending voice messages across the internet.
  18. Voiceonthego - email and SMS by voice
  19. Voicethread is a web application that allows you to collaborate online by sharing media and comments. The perfect tool for whole class projects.
  20. Vocabgrabber - can be quite powerful for learning vocab
  21. Voki.com is a web application that produces animated characters to which you can add your voice (or anybody else’s).
  22. VolunteerSpot - Coordinate parents and volunteers the fast, easy way with this online management system.
  23. voo2do - track/organize/prioritize tasks & projects
  24. Vozme - Enter text in the box and it will create an mp3 file for you to download.
  25. Voxopop is essentially a message board/forum system that uses voice recordings instead of text. You can set up a private talkgroup that will be hidden from the public – ideal for classrooms!
  26. Vside - music virtual world
  27. Vuvox enables you to create personal, collaborative slideshows or presentations using your own digital media – including video, photos, music and text
  28. Vunky Search - photoshop tutorial
  1. Wallwisher is an online notice board maker where either just you or a group of people can post messages. Ideal for a personal to-do list or group discussion and collaboration on a given topic.
  2. Warning Sign Generator - make your own warning signs
  3. Waxxi - interactive podcasts
  4. Webs - create a free web site
  5. Weebly - create free web sites or blogs
  6. Web Canvas - collaborative online drawing canvas
  7. Webfam - schools, students and families connected
  8. WebNotes - annotate any website and share it via email or links
  9. Webooks - create and publish free online books
  10. Webspiration - online mindmapping tool that allows allows you to convert mindmap to essay outline
  11. Wetpaint allows you can create websites that mix all the best features of wikis, blogs, forums and social networks into a rich, user-generated space.
  12. Website Polls - create a embed a poll
  13. Widgetbox - download widgets straight to your wiki
  14. WikiBooks - free, open-content textbooks that you can edit
  15. WikiCommons - everything 'media'
  16. Wikipedia - Metawiki Search Engine
  17. Wiki Resources from Teach With Tech Blog - The official website for the 'Teach with Tech' podcast, presented by the Indiana University School of Education
  18. WikiSpecies - open, free directory of species
  19. WikiSource - The Free Library - Wiki Source – The Free Library – is an online collection of free content source texts built by its contributors.
  20. Wikispaces provide wikis free of charge to educators. Its simplicity and the ability to easily set up multiple accounts are its greatest strengths.
  21. Wiktionary - Wiktionary – free, collaborative multilingual dictionary resource
  22. WikiTour BusStop - starting point for Wiki newcomers
  23. WikiQuotes - quotes from notable people & creative works in every language
  24. Wikiville - worldwide community portal – share about your town/neighborhood and read about others
  25. Wisdomap - attach notes, videos, pictures, links and files to your mindmaps
  26. WISE - create an interactive web based science inquiry environment.
  27. Wisemapping  - online mind mapping tool
  28. WiZiQ is a free web-based platform to teach and learn live, online. Teachers and students can use WiZiQ’s virtual classroom, create and share online educational content and tests.
  29. Wordle allows users to create customisable word clouds from any given texts or web address and it’s an excellent tool for text analysis. 
  30. Word2Word - free online world language lessons
  31. Wordia - the authorative online textual dictionary, where you bring words to life through video
  32. Word Central - awesome online games and dictionary
  33. Word Magnets - will take a piece of text and break it into individual magnets which can be moved around the screen, resized, removed, colour coded, grouped
  34. Wordnik - digital dictionary, thesuarus and provided with samples sentences to illustrate use
  35. WordPress.com is a hosted blogging platform and content management system. As it hosted, you don’t need to find your own web space, WordPress supplies it for you.
  36. WordPress.org is a self-hosted version of the above. It’s highly customisable but you need your own web space and basic knowledge of html coding.
  37. Wordsift - allows you to visualise all possible connections of a particular word.
  38. Wordslike - Find similar words, synonyms and thesaurus
  39. World Atlas - interactive atlas Write a Business Letter.
  40. WorldSTAT - statistics for just about anything at all.
  41. World Wide Panorama - panoramic photos or tours from all over the world
  42. Wridea - create pages & categories to manage your projects & ideas
  43. Writeboard - online whiteboard for sharing, Writeboard – online whiteboard for sharing, collaborating 
  44. Writewith - a collaborative writing app, enabling you to easily flow through the steps of writing, editing, and publishing with a group
  45. Writemaps - web site map planner
  46. Writely - web word processor 
  47. Writing Exemplars - search for writing samples to use with you kids
  48. Writing Fix - a great website for interactive writing prompts and more
  49. Writing is Fun - interactive writing site for various writing genres.
  1. Xmind is an  Open Source mind mapping desktop application.
  2. Xpeditions - National Geographics interactive activities, lessons, resources
  3. Xtranormal is a web application that allows you to produce short films with virtual characters and a text to speech facility.
  4. xtimeline - create free online timeline generators.
  1. Yacapaca allows you to create quizzes, test, surveys and e-portfolios. It’s an online Virtual learning Environment.
  2. Viygo - create free online timeline generators.
  3. Youconvertit.com allows you to covert file formats to any other file format, download videos from sites such as YouTube and make unit conversions as well!
  4. Yourgmap  - Publish your map here or embed it into your website.
  5. YouTube EDU is a huge collection of educational videos supplied by college and universities.
  6. YouWild - help raise awareness about our vanishing wildlife. Visitors to the site can morph themselves -- or a friend, family member or pet -- into an imperiled animal of their choice
  7. Yoyogames - make your own games with the game maker
  1. Zamzar Convert file format to any other file format and download YouTube videos.
  2. Zexer - free online address book
  3. Zimmer Twins is a fun website that allows children to create animated cartoons. The resulting movie can be saved on the site, although, sadly, it cannot be embedded elsewhere.
  4. Ziizoo - free online tutoring from Harvard tutors
  5. Zoho is a comprehensive suite of web based applications that allow you to create, share and store your files online. It has a word processor, a spreadsheet maker, a presentation tool, a wiki editor, an e-mail client and much more…
  6. Zoho notebook - Keep track of changes not only at the book or page level but also at the object level
  7. ZohoWriter - create, edit & share online documents from anywhere
  8. ZooBurst is a digital storytelling tool that is designed to let anyone easily create their own customized 3D pop-up books.
  9. Zotero - search, add, cite, while you research on the internet Firefox ad-on.