Thursday, June 23, 2011

Can Students be Curators of their own Information?

In a continuing pedagogical experiment we have had our students design and then construct their own textbooks. We collaboratively design and construct the e-texts for each group that comes through. We find it is the discussions, decisions and sense of ownership that working with the concepts and ideas brings that is the most important thing. We have two groups working on them at the moment, both Yr 11 and Yr 12. The Yr 12 students have just started constructing an e-book on Architecture.

This particular situation has been set up so that each page of the publication will be up for grabs. The pages on the individual topics decided on will be peer assessed. The group will decided which of the pages is actually presented in the e-book.

We are a boys school and the element of friendly competition seems to work constructively for us. The boys also love the fact that other people get to view, critique and even use our textbooks. One of our existing e-textbooks can be seen at The students are allocated three (3) lessons for each of the activities that will make up one page in our e-textbook. Enjoy!!!

I thought it might be good to put out some examples of the publication we are currently working on.

The first lot are from Fabian (Embedit - Flash)

These are from Daniel

One from Jarrad - I initially struggled with this concept as I didn't think that it fitted in with the e-book concept, however Jarrad was able to negotiate it with me. He convinced me that this was as valid as any other form of presentation - I so glad I am such a push over.

We also have a number of students who are designing their own Art Gallery in Google Sketchup. We thought it would be worthwhile for them to actually design a structure that has certain constraints. The idea is that they experience the artistic practice of an architect. We will also try to put some of these up when we work out how to upload them as working images.

We will let you know when we have published our finished Architectural Digest.


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