Thursday, June 30, 2011

Celebrating Our Challenge Based Learning Project

As part of our ‘Edge’ (Educating the Digital Generation) Challenge Based Learning program we wanted to celebrate the first major Project submitted. We discussed the different ways that we could showcase the student's work. We wanted to highlight the successes of the program but we also wanted to acknowledge the great work that the students had created as part of their project. So we staged the Edgie's Award Ceremony.

In a way we wanted to lift expectations for the following project. We wanted to not only showcase the work of the students but also show them the quality and standard of work that was required. We sourced some props; bollards and red carpet, posters and some trophies. We issued the students with invitations and invited them to dress up in a funky hat or silly tie.

The day was a huge success. The students approached the whole event with an attitude of celebration and affirmation. We had comperes interviewing students on the red carpet, groups had their photos taken in front of the paparazzi -flashes blazing. On the back of the invitations was a voting form with a whole range of different categories for peer voting; Best use of Technology, Best use of Storytelling, Best use of Humour, Most Educational, Most Informative etc. The final award presented was the ‘Edgie’ - Best overall presentation.

It was amazing to see the effect of the Edgies on the students. The boys were full of energy for the sessions after the Edgies. We presented the next challenge and many used their time to start their research straight away. I think it had something to do with the fact that they had been made aware of the standards expected as well as using the really good presentations as a springboard for their own ideas. It is amazing what effect a $2.80 trophy can have.

All photos for the day credited to Simone Maciel ©2011


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