Sunday, June 12, 2011

20 Youtube Features You Need to Know

Almost activity task or activity has a how to video on Youtube. Any historical period, major event or art movement has a mini documentary uploaded. Almost any scientist or scientific experimented has been documented and shared. At this stage we should all be embracing the knowledge and shared information that is Youtube. This is a great article that shows you from Niall Harbison is from over at Simplyzesty

With over 3 billion Youtube videos watched every single day and 48 hours of footage uploaded every single minute to the world’s most popular video sharing website we wanted to produce a useful guide for getting the most out of the service. You’ll struggle to find somebody who uses the web and who doesn’t watch Youtube videos on a daily basis but there is so much more to Youtube than just little funny videos of cats. The list also provides tips and tricks for publishers who are the people who make the site what it is today. Over the coming years we can expect Youtube to continue it’s growth especially on mobile and possibly even on to our smart TVs in the future to form a core part of our daily entertainment experience. Here is how you can get much more out of Youtube…
  1. Leanback                                                                                                                            Youtube introduced this feature so as you could watch all the great footage on Youtube tailored to your tastes without every having to click a button. It serves you up videos based on what you have watched before and the idea is that you can “lean back” and just enjoy the content without worrying about searching for new videos.

    Also included is information about the following features;
  2. Disco
  3. Charts
  4. Create
  5. Editor
  6. Creative Commons
  7. Annotations
  8. Captions And Subtitles
  9. Watch Later
  10. Quiet Tube
  11. Live
  12. Watching Videos On Your TV
  13. Stabilize Your Videos
  14. Youtube Test Tube
  15. Creators Corner
  16. Tube Radio
  17. Feather Mode
  18. Audio Swap
  19. Check Your Youtube Speed
  20. Youtube Gadget

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