Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Geo tagging is my favourite thing about Flickr. We are teaching a unit of work on Graffiti in Visual Arts at the moment. As part of our research we are photographically documenting local graffiti. These will be saved and then uploaded to our Flickr account.

We will geo-tag these images and then create an online exhibition. The students will work collaboratively to decide which images will be included and why and in what order the audience should view the images to see the historical progression of graffiti in Eastwood. Some piece have been in place for 7 to 8 years. People will then be able to access the images on a google map and actually find them if they want to view them in situ.

This is a mock-up only (We have yet to finalise our own)
This feature of Flickr could be adopted for any number of activities in various subjects areas.

Geography - local rivers, creeks, dams or land forms
History - famous battle sites, incidents in history, war memorials
Art - art galleries and museums, public sculptures, buildings of architectural importance
Religion - local Churches of world religions, incidents in the life of Jesus or the saints
Hospitality - cafes, food supplies, wholesalers, growers, organic farmers - Food Equity Unit

Documenting excursions or field trips takes on a new dimension when people back home can see where you went and what you experienced.

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