Tuesday, November 23, 2010

USB Cameras

Not everyone has access to a data projector or a top quality document reader, but there are viable alternatives.  In the last couple of weeks I have seen two types of cheaper style cameras that could work well in a classroom situation. The first is the IPEVO Point2View USB Document Camera - about $89.00 AU
The second is the Flexible Snake Scope USB Camera - about $39.95 AU
Both of these are great for using as document cameras but are equally as good for using in the classroom for a range of activities;

  • step by step computer instructions from your screen
  • science experiments, dissections or petri discoveries
  • art and or craft demonstrations
  • solving maths problems

These can be recorded and made into Vodcasts and then distributed to the class as personal reminders of how to complete the process. They could even be uploaded to iTunesU so other people could use them. Anyway that you use these cameras, they make good sense for your students. They are just as good to use for recording work if you do not have access to a camera in your classroom.

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