Monday, November 22, 2010

What is Web 2.0

How do we explain Web 2.0 to non-users. More importantly how do we convince them to have a look at the possibility of Web 2 tools. This is some of what we offered our staff.

" Web 2.0 is the second phase of internet tools to be developed. Most of these tools have been designed to allow users greater access to using and manipulating information. Many of these tools are web-based free tools or downloadable applications.

The tools that are of most interest to educators are those tools that allow students to own, decode, deconstruct and then re-present information that they have learnt. 

These tools include things like mind mapping tools, interactive timelines, digital bookshelves, comic creators, movie makers, online magazine cover makers and Podcast or Vodcast applications. "

A Wiki is a mini website that allows users to add to, modify and enhance the site. It is a fluid, changing thing that is directed by the users, in our case - students. The best example of a wiki is wikipedia. Each entry has been made by users. People can correct, add more detail and include citation as the site grows. This is excellent in a classroom where students can collaborate and share notes, resources, explanations and ask each other questions."


A widget is another term you might hear. Widgets are tools that can be added to a website or wiki. An example of a widget is a site counter, but it could also be a graphic or a map that shows all the people around the world accessing that site at a particular time. It might even be a dictionary.

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