Friday, November 26, 2010

File Visualiser for Mac Users

This is one for the Visual Learners

Even when many of us have access to cheap and reliable external hard drives and network servers it is still a good idea to manage your hard drive. GrandPerspective is a downloadable App that allows you to do this. It scans your hard drive and displays the folders size as a graphic. The bigger the file the bigger the square. The App also has a feature that allows you to click on the square and it will identify the file directory.

It will amaze you as to the size of some of your files. Some of the most innocuous things suck up huge amounts of memory. With GrandPerspective you then have the option knowing where they are located, what amount of memory they are using, how that compares to others files and then of course of deleting the file if you longer need it.

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