Friday, May 6, 2011

The 3 E's of Education

What will 6th grade look like five years from now in 2015? Will today’s emerging technologies such as mobile learning, online classes or e-textbooks be commonplace in our nation’s classrooms? What new, yet to be invented technology tools and services will those 6th grade students be adapting to meet their learning needs, far ahead of the inclusion of those tools by their teachers in the classroom? What will be the expectations of today’s 6th graders for using these new technologies within learning in 2015 when they are in 11th grade? What unforeseen demands will they have in 2015 for their high school (and ultimately college and/or workplace) to ensure personal productivity and 24/7 learning?


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  2. What will 6th grade look like five years from now in 2015? Will today’s emerging technologies such as mobile learning, technology and learning


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