Saturday, May 21, 2011

Gmail Starter Sheet: Web 2 Account

I use Web 2 tools all the time in my classes. I use them with students from Year 7 right through to Year 12. We are very conscious of making our students aware of their internet safety. With this in mind I always get my new students to set up a gmail account to use just for their Web 2 tool sign-ins. We do not want them to give out any personal information and it is handy to have a single email account that you use just for signing up to web based sites. One email account, one password for all your Web tools.

So, here is the starter sheet I give my students, explaining what a Gmail account is and how to sign up for it. I even gave this out at a staff meeting where we were showcasing a number of Web 2 tools and got the staff to create a gmail account for their log-ins.

The beauty of your students having a Gmail Account is that when they are ready to use Google Docs, Picasa, Google Sketchup, Alerts or Blogger they already have a Google log-in and do to have to sign-up again. Please feel free to use this if it is helpful for your students or staff.

A printable and downloadable PDF document: GMail Starter Sheet, from (flash)

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