Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Google Public Data Explorer

The Google Data Explorer is an excellent web based tool that allows you and your students to compare statistical data. It is one of the tools that enables you to make your own interactive infographics. This would be great to use in a Maths, Geography or Business Studies class, It is an excellent opportunity to play with real data in order to see how it is effected by different variables.

The students would see that they are working with data about actual situations. This makes the learning more authentic for them. This is especially true when discussing social issues like birth rates, infection rates for specific diseases or even unemployment rates.

The interactive nature of the graphic mean that you can also see how the figures have changes over time and even suggest possible reasons for these changes. As you mouse over the different circles the population figures are activated. The possibilities for this tool are only limited by the statistical information released by governments around the world, however, at the moment Google only has 27 sets of information up to play with. Hopefully more data will be added as people discover the possibilities of this application.

And of course these interactive tools can be embedded into other documents, websites or blogs. Have a slide to play with the information.

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