Thursday, May 5, 2011


This is a great tool for teachers. It allows you to record your presentation slides and present it as well. As the website suggests, the effectiveness of presentations falls by 55% when the audiences do not see the face of the presenter. This is good for presenting information that you would like the students to re-visit. It is an excellent tool for those school thinking about flip classes, where the lecture component of the class can be completed at home so the practical component, the experiments, the collaborative workshopping of concepts can be done in class. 

I just like this concept, students no longer have to listen to faceless presenters or presentations with text only information. This could be fun to use, imagine using your slides in such a way that you make it appear as though you are interacting with the slides, i.e. pushing an object to the far side of the screen, or making a hand gesture for a graph to grow.

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