Monday, May 16, 2011

Pixlr Starter Sheet:

Online Image/Photo Manipulation Tool
A number of people have asked about the logistics of creating Infographics. I will write this up as a process in another post but to get people started I have included a Pixlr Starter Sheet that I gave my students. This gives you and your students the basic skills to alter images or icons to fit your infographics.

Most of the icons for our infographics were sourced from free clipart or icon collections. Some are from copyright free or public domain icon sites. This becomes another learning experience about copyright. As with all resources you need to check for appropriateness but for my high school students we have used sites like:

A printable and downloadable PDF document: Pixlr Starter Sheet, from (flash)


  1. This is great. We'll be giving this a go as part of the iLe@rn project.

    Thanks again

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