Monday, May 23, 2011

Blogger Starter Sheet

Blogger is my preferred Blogging platform - not for any particular reason other than I like it. I have looked at a couple of others but feel comfortable with Blogger and I can get it to do almost everything I need it to do. Some of the staff asked it I could introduce them to Blogger as a way of creating an online presence with their students.

Some were going to use it as a place to:
  • introduce concepts and further readings, 
  • record the processes they created in their classroom
  • other wanted it to be a place students could find out about the next task 
  • some wanted a place to collect resources of interest
  • one was heading to Vietnam and wanted to keep everyone at home informed of her journey.
So we had a little PD session one afternoon after school. This is the Starter Sheet I put together for the first timers. It had a bit of an explanation of a blog and then some really basic blogging skills like  postinga blog, formatting a blog entry and following. Fell free to use this if you think it might be helpful for your staff or students. Enjoy!

A printable and downloadable PDF document: Blogger Starter Sheet, from (flash)


  1. What a great intro to Blogger. I am passing this on one right away. Thanks for sharing!


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