Sunday, May 22, 2011

Newspaper Map: All Online Newspapers at Your Fingertips

I saw this tweeted the other day from Silvia Tolisano at and love it. Silvia is a Language Teacher as well as Technology Integration specialist so you can see why she likes this little Web 2 tool. Not only is it a fantastic graphic for your students to investigate the number of newspapers that have an online presence but it is a great resource for finding information that is relevant to a particular community. It will take any newspaper on the site and translate it for you. It also has copies of a number of historical newspapers online that would be great for history students. This is a Web tool that cold be used in so many ways:

  • part of a foreign language class - reading activity, translation passages
  • foreign language research task about a region of country
  • collate statistical information for mathematics
  • research on a particular issue like climate change - attitudes in different areas
  • use of political or satirical comics
  • use to create an inforgraphic - headlines of the week, language of newspapers, online newspapers per country, newspapers per GDP
  • history or social studies investigations
  • great media studies resource

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